Farm Party Costume
Our guests, wearing their farmer costumes.


My husband and I thought of this theme. We both agreed that there are lots of creative opportunities for this theme. We thought that it’d be great to celebrate Sam’s 1st birthday (our youngest son) with a Farm Theme.


I want an invitation that would reflect the nature of the party – fun, colourful and all about farm but would not take away the elements of a little boy’s 1st birthday party. I’ve come up with this design.

Farm Birthday Party Invitation
Sam’s Farm-themed 1st Birthday Party Invitation


It was held in our local Community Centre. The main hall is large enough to accommodate around 100 guests, with a fair amount of space left for the games area.


I thought it was a good idea to have a farm scene on one side – a great background for our guests wanting to have a “farm scene” photo backdrop. We decorated one wall with a kid-size barn and fence and then place some hays in front to complete the farm ambiance.

Farm Party Guests with Farm-Scene Backdrop
Our little guests were delighted with our “Farm Scene” backdrop.

Later on in the party, we used that area as our background for the games. It sure looks nice to see our guests walking around and in front of the “farm scene” wearing their farmer costumes!

BUFFET TABLE: I don’t want the buffet table to look bare, so I placed a life-size photo of Sam, with large cut-out letters that spelled his name, as a backdrop. Then, I hung some farm animal cut-outs at the bottom of the photo as an additional decoration. Lastly, we hung some buntings (farm colours  red, blue, green and yellow) above the buffet table to give it that Farm fiesta atmosphere.

Farm-themed Animal Photo Hangings
Farm animals hanging under Sam’s life-size photo.

We made DIY table centerpieces and placed 3 of them on each table. I got the idea from a magazine I was browsing before. It looked nice with all the farm-themed plates and cups. I also placed coloured table napkins on the cup, to add more colour to the table.

Farm Animal Table Centerpiece
DIY Farm Animal Table Centerpiece I made for Sam’s Farm-themed birthday.
Farm Animal Table Centerpiece
How the Farm Animals were arranged as a Table Centerpiece.
Farm Animal Table Setting
Farm Party Table Setting, with the Farm animals as table centerpiece and the cups with colourful table napkins.


Our good friend, Tina, made the cake for the birthday celebrant. I was delighted, and so are our guests, to see the really cute and creative farm-themed cake that she made. We agreed to make it just a small one, as I will just put it on top of a 3-tier cake stand and then surround the other layers with matching cupcakes. It looked perfect!  See more photos of this cake here.

Farm Birthday Cake Toppers - Ducks and Pigs
Cute cake toppers (Pigs and ducks).
Matching Farm Cupcakes
Matching Farm-themed cupcakes that I placed on the 2nd and bottom level of the Cake stand.
Farm Birthday Cake Ensemble
This is how the ensemble looked like.


Party Food

Aside from the usual kids birthday party food menu, I added some farm-themed food on the buffet table. I had some Chocolate Lollipops arranged in a ceramic milk bottle, BBQ rice crackers that I placed inside small tin pails. I also served corn cobs and fresh fruit platters. I found a use for our stainless steel ice bucket – I placed muesli in it so it would look like farm animal food. I placed an ice scoop beside it so our guests can scoop out some muesli from the bucket if they want some.

Farm-themed party food - chocolate lollipops
Chocolate lollipops in Ceramic Milk Bottle.
Farm-themed Party Food - BBQ Rice crackers
BBQ Rice Crackers in a Small Tin Pails.


Again, simple and easy to prepare but keeping it consistent with the theme, I decided to use a brown paper bag, seal the bag with a yarn, stick a circular farm-themed label in the front, and then hang a tag with the kid’s name on it. The kid’s name tag doubles as a farm-themed bookmark.

I also slipped in an A6-sized activity booklet as an added item in the bag. The kids loved it and started using it as soon as they saw it in their lootbags.

Farm Birthday Party Lootbag
Sam’s farm-themed lootbags.
Farm Birthday Party Lootbag contents
This is more or less what’s inside Sam’s farm-themed lootbags. I slipped in an A6-sized activity booklet as additional item in the bag. There is a farm animal, farm stickers, etc. The bookmark is on top of the paper bag.


Games and Activities

This has been my trademark ever since I have started hosting children’s parties – preparing games and personalizing it according to the party theme. It’s like themed entertaining, the Lola’s way! Here are just some of the games I have prepared for our Sam’s Farm party. For the details of these games, please click here.

1. Farm Animal Hunt
2. Pin the tail of the Horse
3. Egg and Spoon Race
4. Longest Greeting
5. Dress the Farmer Relay Game
6. Everybody Do the Chicken Dance
Read more>


I usually start my afternoon parties with afternoon tea since I wanted as much kids as possible to have arrived at the party before I begin the programme. I prepared lots of Farm songs for the guests to enjoy while eating. After the farm-themed afternoon tea, we started the program with a Happy Birthday song for our dear Sam, followed by the blowing of the candle on the birthday cake. I ended the party with a short message thanking our guests for coming and the handing out of the lootbags.

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  1. Doing a farm theme for my daughter’s 1st b-day! Love all these ideas, specifically I think the animal centerpieces would make awesome invites!! Any tips/tricks on stencils etc. for cutting them out and materials used?? Thank you for an amazing blog!

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