Month: November 2012

DIY: Unique Lolly Bag

Unique Lolly Bag - diy party tips
There’s really nothing a piece of Christmas wrapper and a sticky tape can’t do.  The ideas are endless and your imagination is your only limitation.  Have fun while creating this easy-to-make, unique and creative DIY lolly gift wrapping technique. Difficulty: Easy Materials Needed: A construction paper or Christmas wrapper Sticky tape Step 1: Prepare the materials needed. Step 2: Using a sticky tape, stick both ends of the paper.  You should be able to form a hollow cylindrical Read more>

Four Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Featured DIY Party Tips - 4 DIY
What gift could be more special and meaningful than a gift that is personally hand-wrapped? Add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to any gift for your loved ones and friends, by giving the gifts a bit of hand-made Christmas touch. Check out these four simple ways to creatively wrap your Christmas gifts.  You and the receiver will surely love the finished products! Click on the title or images to view the tutorials: 1. Santa box 2. Simply Wrap It With Yarn 3. Unique Lolly Bag 4. Read more>

DIY: Santa Box

Featured DIY Party Tips - DIY Santa Box
Here is my version of a Santa Box.  It’s a quick, easy and unique way to wrap a box this Christmas season. Difficulty: Easy Materials Needed: Black construction paper strip Buttons made from construction paper Paper belt buckle made from construction paper Red Gift Box Sticky tape Step 1: Prepare the materials to be used. Step 2: Insert the belt in the belt buckle. Step 3: Wrap the “buckled” belt around your red box.  Connect both ends with a sticky tape. Step Read more>

DIY: What a Gold String and Doily Can Do

Featured DIY Party Tips - String and Doiley
If you’re into doilies and/or gold strings, here’s a simple and easy-to-do Christmas gift wrapping idea you might want to try.   Difficulty: Easy  Materials Needed:  Cherry beads Leaves Doily Gold string Gift tag Your gift (wrapped with red coloured paper)   Step 1: Prepare the materials to be used. Step 2: Wrap the gold string around the gift. Step 3: Glue the doily to the gift.  Make sure that the centre of the doily rests on the intersection of Read more>

DIY: Simply Wrap It With Yarn

Featured DIY Party Tips - Yarn
Here is a quick, simple and unique way to wrap your Christmas presents. All you need is a piece of yarn, Christmas tree-shaped felt, a piece of plain white or coloured wrapping paper and your gift – and you can create a creative gift wrapping with the words, “hand-made” and “DIY” written all over it. The yarn will give your gift a bit of “country feel”. Difficulty: Easy Materials Needed: Yarn Green Felt Paper, cut into a shape of a Christmas Tree Your gift, wrapped in Read more>

Sam’s Farm Birthday Cake

Featured DIY Party Tips - Farm Cake
This cake was made by a good friend of ours - Tina, for our youngest son's first birthday party.  She is currently a part-owner of Yums In Tums - a made-to-order cake and food business that is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Visit Yums In Tums on Facebook.   That's all folks! Don’t forget to drop by and “like” our Facebook page! Please also feel free to leave any comment here. Thanks heaps! All contents, including photos, are copyrighted Read more>


Featured DIY Party Tips - Top10 games
Here you go! My 2012 TOP 10 Themed Birthday Party Games, complete with instructions on how to prepare and execute. 10. Pirate Treasure Hunt Birthday Party Theme: PIRATE PARTY Making it to the 10th place is the classic Treasure Hunt game.  How the kids loved to show off their discovery skills, best tested by this game! What you need: Two or more treasure chests, Lollies (e.g. chocolate coins), Jewels (e.g. toy necklaces, tiaras, etc.) Suggestion: This game is best done outdoors so Read more>