Spy Agent - squareMy youngest child’s 7th birthday is coming up soon and I can’t help but think about the many possibilities for his Spy Agent-inspired birthday party.  I am already excited about this theme and I’ve got so many design ideas that are already lined up.

This is a new challenge for me that I have gladly accepted.  Now, on to my drawing board!

Please stay tuned for more updates!

As promised, here is my update on this project.


I have finally decided which design I’ll be using for the invitation. As usual, I have printed the actual invitation on a 4×6 photo paper (I’ll post the photo later) and decided to put it inside a C6 white envelope.

To align the envelope with my current Spy Agent theme, I printed and cut out a few “Top Secret” signs and glued them on to the envelope (Note, as much as I’d love to use actual “Top Secret” stamps as envelope decorations, I decided to settle on the cut and glue one as it is cheaper). My lovely children helped me out in the process. It was such a fun activity for us.

spy-agent-invitation-01 spy-agent-invitation-02

I’ll be updating this blog as I go on.

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