If you are planning a Princess Party for your child, you might want to include these games to add more fun to the party. I prepared these games for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Her theme is “A Princess’ Tale”.  The games are mostly classical games but were given a “Princess’ Theme” twist.


This game is your normal game of Musical Chairs – where the participants dance around arranged chairs and have to find and sit on a chair as soon as the music stops. Only, the participants are wearing their most favourite ball gowns. I renamed it “Trip to the Prince’s Castle” to give it a touch of our Princess Theme.

I started the game by saying something like this:

“Are you ready for some kiddie games?

Raise your hand if you know the story of Cinderella… Do you [kids] remember the part when Cinderella rides the carriage that will take her to the Ball?

Our problem now is that Cinderella got a bit lost in the woods and can’t find her way to the castle.

Let us help her find her way, as we play this game that I will call…Trip to the Castle!”

Then, we arranged some chairs like in musical chairs. The children danced around the chairs and when the music stopped, each one had to find a chair to sit on.

If you’re familiar with this game, the chairs that were arranged in a circular manner are always one shorter than the number of participants. That way, when the music stops, one participant will not have a chair to sit on. Then, that participant will be out of the game.

As soon as the music starts again, one more chair is taken out of the circle, and so on until two participants and just one chair is left. The one who sits on that last chair wins the prize.

NOTE: I usually end the game when only two participants are left, and name them as the two winners.

I ended the game saying, “Cinderella is not lost anymore! Thanks to [winners’ names]!” while handing out their prizes.

Princess Party Game - Trip to the Prince's Castle
Lola’s “Trip to the Prince’s Castle Game”
Princess Party Game - Trip to the Prince's Castle
Lola’s “Trip to the Prince’s Castle Game”


As the game “Pin the Tail of the Donkey” is one of the classical games in a children’s party, I thought it would be a great idea if I give it a bit of a twist and do “Kiss the Frog” instead.

I was lucky enough to find a ready-made “Kiss the Frog” game in a local online party shop. The package includes a large printout of a frog, a blind fold and a number of lips made of cardboard.

I started the game by saying:

“How many of you have heard about the fairy tale story of The Frog Prince? Now, who wants to try their luck and kiss our very own Frog Prince? We will call him Prince Eddie.

Now Prince Eddie has been cursed and was turned into a Frog. He will only turn back into a Handsome Prince if he finds the Princess who can kiss him in the lips!

Let us help the Frog prince find his Princess!”

The participants lined up and tried to “pin their lips” into Prince Freddie the Frog’s lips. The participant who have pinned the nearest to the Frog’s lips wins!

Princess Party Game - Kiss the Frog
“Kiss The Frog” Game
Princess Party Game - Kiss the Frog
The “stylish” blindfold


I’ve also added a Fairy Tale twist to the game “The Boat Is Sinking”.

All the participants (regardless how many) have to gather in the middle and wait for the Game master to shout “The boat is sinking, group yourselves into [number]! (i.e. three.)”

The participants will then have to form groups of three. If a group was not able to make up a three-member group, then they will be out of the game.

As for the game I have prepared for my daughter’s Princess-themed Birthday Party, I started the game by saying something like this:

“Imagine Princess Ariel (from the Little Mermaid) is about to get married with Prince Eric aboard the ROYAL SHIP and we are all in the boat to witness the Royal Wedding. However, the Evil Sea Witch, Ursula, suddenly appeared from nowhere and tried to stop the wedding by sinking the boat.

Now that the boat is sinking, group yourselves into 5! (Those who were not able to make up a five-member group are out.). The boat is sinking, group yourselves into 4! And so on…”

Usually, only two kids will be left and be named the winners.

Princess Party Game - The Boat is Sinking
Lola’s “The Boat is Sinking” Game.


Giving another twist to yet another classic children’s party game, the Treasure Hunt, I prepared three small rounded green cardboards which I made to look like peas. Then, I secretly stuck each “pea” under three different chairs.

I started the game by saying something like this:

“We’ve got another surprise for all the kids in the castle…Who among you knows the story of the Princess and the Pea?

The Princess is looking for three peas hidden under the chairs. If you help her find them, she’ll be able to sleep well tonight.

Look under your chairs as the pea might just be hiding there…”

All the children excitedly looked under their chairs (and most of the time, under someone else’s chairs) to find the “pea”. When they found the pea, they brought each to me in exchange for a prize.

Princess Party Game - Find the Princess' Pea
Lola’s “Find the Princess’ Pea” Game


I was able to find circular scratch on stickers online, so I thought it would be a good idea to make some Princess-themed DIY scratch card for the guests (and yes, even the birthday celebrant wanted one!).

I printed a small photo of a Fairy tale-themed item, together with some details of the party, in a rectangular (bookmark-size) cardboard. Then, I covered each photo with the circular scratch-on stickers I bought. The children had to scratch the circle to reveal their hidden prize!

During the party, I asked a friend to roam around the venue and give out one scratch card to each child. As soon as the kids saw it, they excitedly scratched each circle to check if they win a prize (every card, of course, has a prize). They immediately ran to me to claim their prize. They were so proud to actually win something from a scratch card. These moments are absolutely priceless!

This is how my scratch card looked-like. I prepared one design for a girl and another for a boy to make sure that the prize won is right for the gender of the card holder.

Scratch-Off cards



I have asked the kids to bring the birthday celebrant the following items:

a pink handkerchief
a red ribbon
a wand

The first one to hand out the item wins a prize.


As a finale game, I have asked some friends to look around the venue and choose at least two kids with the best Prince/Princess costume.
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