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If you are planning a Farm Party for your child, you might want to include these Farm-themed games to add more fun to the party.

Farm Animal Hunt

I have prepared five circular cardboards with one farm animal photo each.  Then, before the guests arrived, I secretly stuck them under 5 different chairs with a double adhesive tape.

I have used this game as an ice breaker for the party.  After singing the Birthday song and blowing of the candle on the cake, the kids went back to their sits.  That’s when I announced:

“There are five farm animals hiding under the chairs.  Is one of them hiding under yours?  If you find them, bring it over to me and you will get a prize.”

The kids excitedly looked under their chairs and quickly ran towards the stage area to claim their prizes.

Longest Greeting

This game is just like the “Longest Greeting” game we usually see on Kid’s birthday parties, where each kid is asked to say “Happy Birthday, {birthday celebrants name}” as long as they can. I just added a farm twist and asked the kids to pretend to be a sheep and say “Happy Birthday, Sam” with sheep sound.

The kids and the parents find it very entertaining and fun.

“Dress The Farmer” Relay Game

Who would not like a relay game in a children’s party?  My farm-themed relay game proved to be one of the kids’ favourites!

I placed 5 farmer items (farmers hat, cowboy handkerchief, moustache, suspender and boots) on each of the 3 chairs in front.  Then I asked three of my Dad friends to stand in front and pose as a farmer.  I asked the children to group themselves into 5 and gave each team a balloon.

The game:
As soon as I said “GO!”, the first member of each team ran to the chair in the front, with a balloon in between their legs.  Upon reaching the chair, they grabbed a farmer item and put in on their assigned “farmer” Dad.  They, then, went back (still with a balloon in between their legs) to tag the next team member, which did the same.  As soon as the last member of the team went back to the group, they have to shout “Happy Birthday, Sam!” to mark the completion of the game.

Farm Party Game 01

Farm Party Game 02

Everybody Do The Chicken Dance

I designed this game as I thought it would fun to include some Dads in at least one of the games in the party.  I asked the kids to go to the front with their Dads, line up, and face the audience.

Then I demonstrated how to do the Chicken Dance and asked all the participants of the games to follow what I’m doing.

As soon as the song started, all the participants did the Chicken Dance! The kids loved seeing their Dads dance a silly song with them.  It was a hit!

Here are some of the other games I have prepared for the young guests:

Pin The Tail of the Donkey

This is another one of the classical children’s party games, given a “Farm Party” twist.  I was planning to do a “Pin the Tail of the Cow” but didn’t have enough time to prepare or find a cow photo, so I just asked the kids to pin the tail of the donkey.

Farm Party Game 03

Egg and Spoon Race

I added another classic “farm-themed” game into the party – the egg and spoon race.  It is a relay game, where the kids group themselves into five and run around a chair in the front with a spoon and “tiny egg” (I used white chocolate as an egg) in it.  They, then, have to pass the egg to the spoon of the next team member without using their hands.

The team members must not drop the egg, or else, they would have to start again.

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