Here is a quick, simple and unique way to wrap your Christmas presents. All you need is a piece of yarn, Christmas tree-shaped felt, a piece of plain white or coloured wrapping paper and your gift – and you can create a creative gift wrapping with the words, “hand-made” and “DIY” written all over it. The yarn will give your gift a bit of “country feel”.

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea - Wrap it with Yarn

Difficulty: Easy

Materials Needed:

  • Yarn
  • Green Felt Paper, cut into a shape of a Christmas Tree
  • Your gift, wrapped in white or coloured wrapping Paper

Step 1:

Prepare the materials needed.

Step 2:

Wrap the yarn around the gift. Make sure you leave extra yarn length (about 6 inches length) towards one end.

Step 3:

Poke a hole on top of the felt Christmas tree and insert the end of the “excess” yarn to the hole. Push the tree all the way towards the part of the gift where the yarns cross (see photo). Then, make a bow-tie knot using the extra yarn.

Step 4:

Voila! You now have a uniquely wrapped gift! Try different shades of green for the Christmas tree and/or try a different coloured wrapping paper for your gift.

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